NOW: Filmmaker R.T. is so over the “Canadian look”

On August 1, Randall Thorne posed for photos with a group of budding Canadian and international filmmakers in TIFF’s Talent Lab.

It was his second “wow” moment of late. Earlier in the year, funding body Telefilm named the Toronto director a Talent to Watch.

The buzz is due to 40 Acres, a chilling, dystopian film that R.T. – as he’s known professionally – is writing and developing. The film will showcase what drives a lot of his work: social issues such as race, age and gender from an untapped-mix of cultural perspectives, and Black womanhood in Canada.

Those industry accolades have affirmed that the former MuchMusic Video Award-winning director is on the right track.

40 Acres tells the fictional story of an ex-solider who returns to her ancestral farm in Nova Scotia, militarizes her children and prepares to live and die for what’s hers. It’s a disquieting story that touches on motherhood, race, fear, xenophobia and the legacies we leave for our children. At the forefront is the dismantling of systemic isms on all levels.

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