Exclaim! Album Review: Andreya Triana – Everything You Never Had. Pt. II

“When we were nothing, we had it all,” sings British soulstress/songwriter Andreya Triana, on her four-track EP, Everything You Never Had Pt. II, a prelude to her upcoming album.

Triana’s mighty pipes, with their goose bump-inducing rasp, are powerful and effortless on the sweeping title track, a tribute to her mother, who raised her alone, under challenging circumstances. It’s a stirring and intimate song about unshakable love made more moving by lyrics that never slide into hackneyed or mawkish love song territory.

While EYNH Pt. II reflects on Triana’s childhood, “The Best is Yet to Come” (Lapalux Remix) is a dance track, somehow Zen and disorienting all at once, that finds Triana looking forward, anticipating joys yet to come. The upbeat “Superlove” has her standing her ground in the name of love, and an extended version of the title track brings us back to the poignant beginning, rounding out the EP.

Triana’s voice is soul personified and, as Everything You Never Had Pt. II makes clear, her music is a force to be reckoned with. (Ninja Tune)

Written for Exclaim! Magazine